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Experience & Passion

I’m a user experience designer with more than a decade of experience transforming complex applications into environments where users can thrive, get work done, and enjoy themselves. More importantly, I love doing user experience design, from the highest level concepts down to the smallest detail, and it really shows. I have a proven track record of making even the most frustrated end users happier with the products they have to use, and I’d love to add your audience to that group.


Hard problems are my favorite problems

My primary focus is on redesigning old, crotchety, unfriendly, and complex enterprise applications, the kind that your audience grumbles about having to use. That kind of project is perhaps the hardest for a user experience designer, but it’s what I look forward to most of all.

Do you need to train your new hires before they can even begin to use your product? Does the interface look like it hasn’t changed since 1990 (probably because it hasn’t)? Do you need to know the database inside and out to do something simple like look up a client’s address? Did you try to make a site map and give up after the first 100 windows? These kind of problems are the ones that truly excite me.

Anyone can polish up the user experience of a fresh new Web 2.0 social site — bring me the hard stuff! (Web 2.0 social sites, I’ll work with you too!)



I mentioned above that my bread-and-butter is the enterprise application, but I’m also happy to work with you on your website, e-commerce/retail site, web-based software, mobile app, or game.

My process is whatever you need it to be. I can work with you from the very beginning when designing a new product, or come in and improve something that’s been around for years. We can do a ground-up redesign, or just try to apply some user experience polish.

I can provide you with some high-level vision that your designers can build from, or provide a full design specification that you can pass directly to the developers. In either case, I can leave you with that, or continue to work with the team members throughout the process.

I also am happy to work with you on getting to know your audience better, whether it’s through informal discussions, surveys, focus groups, or formal testing. No matter how well you think you know the people using your software, I guarantee we can learn a lot more.



No matter what your product is, working together we will get it to where it has a great user experience for your audience, so they can be happy and successful, which will make you happy and successful.


Audience Testimonials

These comments come from college faculty members after I redesigned the Learning Management System they use for their courses.

“LOVE the new [LMS] interface. It’s slick, user-friendly, and so easy to set up. A huge improvement.”

“Holy cow, I’m liking that new [LMS]! Very nice look, and user-friendly as well . . . ”

“THIS [redesign] is stellar. Saves me SO MUCH TIME!”



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